ProClaimS receives FAA approval for Drones

Rather than climb a ladder or put on a harness to look at the roof, or the bridge, or the fire damage, let ProClaimS send in the Drone!

The FAA has granted ProClaimS’ application to use Drones for site inspections and in assessing the scope and magnitude of losses.

An exemption from Section 333 of the Federal Aviation Regulations is required to fly Drones commercially. Since site inspections are a commercial endeavor, the FAA prohibits using Drones in any aspect of claims documentation, scope of loss, or risk evaluation unless an exemption of Section 333 is granted.

It would be a violation of Federal Law for anyone without an exemption to use a Drone for documenting claim damage. To be granted an exemption, a licensed Pilot is required to be on staff and certain limitations and conditions are imposed. These limitations include height limits of 400’ above ground, speed limits of no greater than 50 mph, an observer in addition to the pilot in command, and permission before flying over people.

There have been numerous instances of hobby flyers entering into restricted airspace

and interfering with manned aircraft. There have been instances where Cal Fire has not been able to drop retardant because of Drone interference. The FAA is putting together rules governing all Drone use because Drones use the national airspace and if the user is unaware of the rules of the sky, a huge danger is created.

ProClaimS use of its DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drones is conducted in accordance with

the FAA’s safety guidelines and FAA regulations. The ProClaimS Drone contains a 4K multi-axial camera for video and still pictures at high HD resolution. Photo documentation can be seen on a smart phone or tablet while the Drone is still in flight. Photos are downloaded as .jpgs.

ProClaimS is excited about the use of this forward-thinking technology. When there’s a

loss, rely on ProClaimS to get the documentation you need, safely and fast!

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